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    march 30 newsletter


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    march 30 newsletter

    Post by NINJA on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:41 pm

    What is fleetsaving?
    Fleetsaving is exactly what it says on the tin. Saving your fleet.
    How do I fleetsave?
    You fleetsave by keeping your fleet in space with or without your res.
    How does that help when people have sensor phalanx and can see my fleet movements?
    By fleetsaving from your moon.
    To understand how you need to understand what you can and can't see with a sensor phalanx.
    With a lanx you can see any fleet movement going TO the planet that is lanx'd. That is ALL you can see with it. You cannot see a fleet movement FROM a planet unless it is returning to that planet, only TO a planet. You cannot lanx a moon and you cannot lanx a debris field. You can't see a recalled deploy mission either.
    With this in mind you can now see that your fleet cannot be seen if you send it to a moon from a planet, Send it to a DF from a moon or send it from a moon to another moon.
    So all of those mission are safe then?
    NO not in a speed uni.
    Why not? Because moons are easy come easy go here. Its very easy to get deathstars here so its easy to pop a moon here as well.
    So what is the safest way to fleetsave then?
    The two safest missions are 1 deploy moon to moon. 2 deploy planet to moon. The next safest are 3 ACS defend from your moon to a friendly moon and 4 harvest from a moon to a DF. However both of these carry the risk of being seen if the moon you send them from is destroyed. The return leg will be seen EVEN if you recall the mission before it gets to its target.
    Never use transport as a fleetsave. Another safe mission is attack from a moon to an inactive players moon but it must be to a moon not a planet and if its deleted the fleet will come back early . Never use transport UNLESS you are transporting goods to another player. DO NOT USE TRANSPORT to move res around your empire. Use deploy!Fleetsaving without a moon only really has 1 safe option. Deploy/recall!!! Just keep your fleet small until you have at least one moon and you will be fine.
    And that boys and girls is how you fleetsave.

    written by maltese falcon universe cygnus and libra formerly of countless others

    next newsletter will be on energy tech and fusion reactor
    coming the end of april beginning of may

    il like to welcome all new members to the alliance as we grow in the future will will announce names of new members in the newsletter

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    Re: march 30 newsletter

    Post by Stereo on Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:43 pm

    I see you are still writing informative stuff. :p

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