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    Graviton Technology


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    Graviton Technology

    Post by XAMO on Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:30 pm

    I did some calculations today about the resources needed to get Graviton Tech.
    So here are the expenses:
    - If you colonize a slot 1 planet to get a better temperature, you'll need to build the following buildings.

    Robotics Factory 1 - 10409.200122.760204.600
    Nanite Factory 1 - 415.000.0007.500.0001.500.000
    Shipyard 1 - 121.638.000819.000409.500
    Research Lab 1 - 12819.0001.638.000819.000
    You can get only around 100 fields when colonizing slot 1, so it's not logical to keep it permanently.
    That means, that the resources you've invested so far, are just wasted for nothing.

    The maximum temperature on slot 1 planets can be between 220 and 260
    So in this calculation, i'm using 240 (the average maximum temperature you can get on slot 1)
    With that setup, you will need
    4.762 Solar Satellites, and it will take you
    2:38:44 to build them. You will need

    9.524.000 Crystal, and
    2.381.000 Deuterium.
    You can get back 35% from the scrap merchant, or 40 % if you find someone to destroy your satellites.
    3.333.400 (3.809.600) Crystal
    833.350 (952.400) Deuterium
    So that's another
    6.190.600 Crystal
    1.547.650 Deuterium
    that you have spent, and you're not going to get back.
    So, to add all up, the total amount of resources you've invested for graviton tech by colonizing a slot 1 planet is
    Metal - 17.866.200
    Crystal - 16.270.360
    Deuterium - 4.480.750

    By using a colony you intend to keep, the resources you invest in your buildings will not be a bad investment, and you probably have the buildings already in place, so not only you don't need to spend time to get those buildings to the needed level, but you don't throw resources away for nothing.

    With an average maximum temperature on slot 8 of 50, you will need:
    9.678 Solar Satellites, and with the same building levels like in the first case, it will take you
    Total investment:
    19.356.000 Crystal
    4.839.000 Deuterium
    With the scrap merchant of 35 % you'll get back
    6.774.600 Crystal
    1.693.650 Deuterium

    So the total amount of resources you're spending this time is:
    12.581.400 Crystal
    3.145.350 Deuterium

    Of course, you should have 1 x Detroid Gold in your inventory, to speed up instantly the building process. (Having a few detroits silver and bronze, that add up to a total of 5 hours and 30 minutes speeding up can also do the trick Smile )

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