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    Post by (Kinslayer) on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:16 pm

    Imperial started some years ago, in uni 35, as a result of a mutiny due to players not being allowed to send circular messages as, when, and containing what they wished. I won't mention names, just to be fair. It got to the point that leadership actually denied the use of those messages to all except the upper echelon. Needless to say, this did not sit well with a good many of players. So, they broke off and started Imperial.

    I tell you this in the spirit that you understand that sometimes players feel that what they have and who they chum with, currently, does not suit them. It happens that sometimes those players decide to find greener pastures. I would urge any of you who want to have all of the things you mentioned, but also be a part of a larger and already established alliance, to apply to Imperial. I will handle the applications personally, as long as I am given notification in the application that you are the reason they are applying, they will be given immediate entrance.

    You should know that we do vote on things, and some things have been voted on already that prevent the displaying of online times to any except the leaders over here. Every voice is heard and responded to, and only the voices of the leaders are given special weight. We have been Imperial since the founding, and account ourselves very fair when it comes to the politics of the alliance. Very seldom is an ORDER given, and when it is, it is usually given with an explanation as to why we believe this is good for the alliance.

    We are never selfish, i.e. "send resources to my friend who just started so he can get growing real quick." The order, if given, has substance to it, and in the last 2 years I believe only one has been issued.

    New alliances are more or less laughed at, and sometimes tested, by other alliances just to see what will happen.

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    Just so you are able to make an informed decision, I will tell you a few things about us that separate us from other alliances.

    1.> We do not condone begging for resources, under any circumstances. You may advertise that you got crashed, and are rebuilding, or that you are saving for one particular research in general, but may not ask outright for resources. If some benevolent individual decides to send some to you, all to the good, but begging will get you the wag-of-the-finger. Everyone has to wait for resources to accumulate, either from fleeting or mining, and the higher ranked players are no exception.

    2.> If you leave your shit sitting, and it gets hit, that is your fault, not the attacker's fault. You should have been a little more conscious of your fs and then the attacker would have had nothing to hit. We do not really frown on people getting hit, it is a part of the game, but whining like a bitch will get you flamed, and in circular for all to read.

    3.> No member will threaten war toward an attacker, ever, for any reason. I don't care if he is nuking every single one of your planets to 0 def, bring it to the attention of myself, ninja, or dragon master. We will decide the best course of action, although you have most likely lost all your def at this point, but it will be handled in a manner that we believe best suits the alliance. That having been said, we do not tolerate our members being bashed or bullied, and our retribution has been known to be swift and sure. Hence, we do not get much of that toward our members, except as it is instigated by one of us in the first place.

    4.> We encourage our members to be active, and to show their activity through circular messages. Use your voice, make it heard, make friends, tell people off, whatever. Maybe be a little diplomatic in telling off other members, but otherwise, just talk to know?

    I hate multi-part messages, but another is coming. Razz

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    5.> Probing is a part of the game, if you get probed, don't bitch about it. If you don't like a war game, go play farmville. If you think you are being probed excessively, mention it to one of the marshals and we will look into it, usually by way of a Q & A with the person getting probed.

    6.> We offer, freely(as I believe you have witnessed first-hand), fleeting and mining advice. How to keep yourself unprofitable, the how and why and what to do, and all manner of information, really. Myself, Dragon Master, and Ninja are the best stores of knowledge you can possibly find in this alliance.

    7.> (and this one is gonna come as a surprise) We have a very specific trade rate in the alliance. That is 2:1:1 regardless of what you are selling or buying. That applies to alliance members only, trades with players outside the alliance are your own matter, and we make no bones about members trading with others because they want more for their resources. We have this for a couple reasons:
    A.) It gives our miners a guaranteed outlet for the resources they wish to trade. A bird in hand is better than one on the wing, as they say.
    B.) It gives our fleeters a cheap source of fuel so as to keep the alliance strong and fueled. Should a miner need defense, or help, from a fleeter, the miner is in no way obligated to pay any duet cost, and that is another reason why it is good to keep the fleeters fueled up and ready to fly.

    To sum it up, we are fair. We are honest. We are honorable. We care about our members, and we also care about players not in our alliance, to a certain degree(as you have also experienced first-hand). We don't rage at attackers when we get on and see they slapped our shit, we congratulate them on their find, with them a speedy rebuild, do what we can to rebuild and prevent the same from happening again, and then watch them for when they are profitable. Razz

    End of series.

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